Vision & Mission

Change to Change. (Transformation of the society through the transformation of the self)


We fashion our school as a center of transformation wherein an overall development of students and staffs takes place with specific attention to the peculiar characteristics of the area such as ghetto mentality, shortsightedness, selfishness, etc toward altruism and nation building.

Action Plans
  • Put up the Vision Statement at prominent places within the campus so that all get to read it
  • Celebrate all the major religious and cultural festivals of the country
  • Conduct Theme-based assemblies
  • Have Theme-based cultural programs
  • Value education
  • Giving equal opportunity to everyone and promoting healthy competitions
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Personal counseling
  • Helping the poor and the needy with scholarships and concession
  • Leadership training
  • Cultivating a sense of justice
  • Bringing awareness about outside world
  • Orientation programs, seminars for the staff
  • Regular staff meetings
  • Coaching classes for the weaker students
  • Tournaments to build up unity
  • Organising educational tours to different parts of the country to expand general knowledge and living together.